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Alena Ettea

Alena Ettea was born with a longing to know, create, and amaze. She’s had her sights set on the world of high fashion ever since she can remember. She attended Istituto di Moda Burgo in Milano and the London College of Fashion.

In Milano, she worked as a freelance creative director for a number of Italian menswear manufacturers, honing her skills and refining her innate creativity. Hands-on experience in the world of men’s clothing production helped bring out Alena’s male alter ego.  

Being a seasoned globetrotter has definitely heightened her sensitivity and sparked her curiosity for all things different, deep and unfathomable. She’s an in-depth explorer of cultures and styles, people and places. Alena is a seeker of the soul and lover of all that embodies a profound, genuine, independent spirit.

Simply put, Alena loves beauty in its myriad forms and expressions.



Alena Ettea’s Luxury Shoes Collection.

As a little girl, Alena painted and dreamed of creating fine jewelry. She still paints. And her dreams have come true… 

After working as a freelance creative director in Italian menswear, a whole new world opened up for Alena when she embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime – the creation of her first collection of luxury shoes.

Steeped in the age-old tradition of expert Italian craftsmanship, Alena Ettea’s focus is a mindful, soulful blend of innovation and creativity.

Alena’s dream of creating fine jewelry and her androgynous creative bent – apropos of her male alter ego – have given life to an all-new concept in style, Alena Ettea’s Luxury Shoe Collection.

From a new, feminine and refined perspective, the collection combines classic elements with the latest in high-quality Italian fabrics and materials for today’s woman. She’s dynamic, genuine and sensual, and demands the attention to detail and timeless elegance found in the Alena Ettea collection. Shoes for style-seekers who’ll settle for nothing less than all that’s new and unique in wearable works of art.   

Alena Ettea is Italian high fashion in the new designer sector.

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Artistry & Inspiration

Alena Ettea works exclusively with the highest quality Italian-made fabrics and jewelry that features pearls and crystals, with nickel-free alloy. All Alena Ettea creations are Made in Italy.

Alena Ettea’s inspiration has always been classic beauty, at once powerful and refined. The hallmark of elegant women of character whose allure and sensuality are ever forthright and unaffected.

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The Alena Ettea Woman

Like Alena herself, she’s the kind of woman who isn’t afraid to be everything she wants to be. She is a lover of beauty in all its manifold, often mysterious, expressions. 

Unique, brave, feminine, sophisticated, curious. The Alena Etta woman always has an opinion and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s an woman whose bag is art, history and traveling. The secrets she keeps are worth their weight in gold. 

Alena Ettea

Milano – Italy
VAT IT12728670964

Alena Ettea