Athene Nude


Made in Italy


A masterpiece of elegance and craftsmanship, Athene ankle boots feature exquisitely embroidered fabric with suede heel, toe and trim. The refined lateral clasp on these attention-grabbers is embellished by a pair of exclusive glossy pearls.  

Athene’s every detail reflects the high-gear mastery of Italian craftsmanship, a tribute to the superior quality and distinctive esthetics of the Made-in-Italy concept. Top-grade materials ensure style and lasting comfort.

  • 55 Heel height
  • Round toe
  • Suede + Embroidery
  • Logo
  • Jewel Cufflinks with double pearls and crystals (nickel free)


Shoe Care Guide

Your shoes are a very delicate luxury product and must be treated with care.
When not wearing them to preserve your shoes the longest possible time keep them in their satin dust bags.

Also avoid the rain and direct contact with heat, oil, alcohol, grease, sunlight and other abrasive products or colored garments.

These shoes are created entirely by hand using the finest materials and thus any discrepancies in color or markings in fabric or leather are not imperfections but only enhance the uniqueness of this product.

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